Laser Induced Thermal Shaping

In LITS, a heat source (Laser) applies the concentrated heat to a localized spot on the part. Through software N. A. Technologies has developed, we can accurately determine how much curvature will result form a set of parameters. It needs to be stated that there are no external forces acting on the sample to form it, just the heat from the laser. The theory behind LITS is summarized in the slide below.


We are currently working on several projects using the LITS. LITS can be applied to all sorts of shapes and sizes of materials. Listed below are just a few of our results from laser forming.

Figure 1. 5/8 Diameter 80Y100T Tube Laser Formed to 40


Figure 2. Three inch Diameter Aluminum Tube Formed to approximately 35


Figure 3. Four inch Diameter Steel Tube Formed to approximately 30


Figure 4. One inch thick steel laser formed to a bowl shape



For more information about Laser Forming:

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