ArcDirector Weld Controller

Flexible manufacturing is the capability to change from one model part to another entirely by a change in the data in a software program -- no change in tooling, workcell, or operator. The ArcDirector System is an advanced software system for high speed digital control of materials processing and manufacturing processes. The result uses high speed digital signal processors (DSP), made by Texas Instruments, for control, and intelligent planning software for converting CAD models directly into process plans and robot control programs.

Native American Technologies Company has developed advanced methods to model, monitor, and control processes such as arc welding systems. These products are entirely based on DSP's and software with both digital and analog input/output for connection to process equipment, existing PLC's, CNC processors, wire Ethernet, radio frequency (RF) networks in plants, cell phones, pagers, PC's and other computers, etc.

Unlike the general purpose computer processor that would be found in a Mac or a PC computer, DSP's are special purpose. They are capable of all types of processing, but are designed to do certain functions up to many hundreds or thousands of times faster than the best of today's general purpose processors like the Pentium. This speed, flexibility, communications capability, and low cost of DSP's offers significant advantages over PLC or microcomputer based control systems in many applications, including manufacturing. The tremendous speed and power of PC computers is affordable only because the market for them is very large and the electronic hardware can be produced in extremely large quantities. The availability of single board DSP computers at very affordable prices which are mass produced and used for a wide range of purposes outside of manufacturing, will provide a great increase in computing ability with essentially no cost increase over today's manufacturing controller systems.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows the user to setup the weld process


The GUI allows user to set up complex pulsing schemes for the ArcDirector Weld Controller


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