Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I measured my whole project, but when I opened it all the weld outlines seemed to be shifted around.

A: Most likely you have not properly set up your graphics and data directories when you created your project. Perhaps all of your data is being saved into the same directory so that other projects you have measured are overwriting data. Make sure that you have a separate directory for each project, and ensure that you data directories match your graphics directory. (See section "2.3 CREATING A PROJECT" for more information.)


Q: I received the message "Error reading xxx header: XXX", "X:\Directory\ is not a xxx file or file does not exist!" (xxx is your file type, such as pcx, bmp, or png, XXX will be the cause of the problem).

A: Depends on the cause (XXX): If the cause (XXX) is "Filename not found", then your project has tried to load a file that does not exist. Your graphics file ccccccc.pcx was erased or moved. Replace the file, or recreate your project. If the cause (XXX) is that it is not a valid header, it is possible that NAMeS can not read the image format that you are attempting to read. Make sure the file is not corrupted, or try another image format. (NAMeS can not read compressed TIF files for example, and it is unable to read some older JPG files.)


Q: I have measured all of my weld images, but all of the information seems to be lost.

A1: You probably changed your Save and Load Directories to be different places. NAMeS would then be saving your information to one directory, and attempting to load from another. To check this, go to the "File" menu and choose "Edit Project". Then click on the "Data Directory Location" tab. Make sure that "Current Save Directory" and the "Current Load Directory" are the same.

A2: You also could have moved or changed your data directory or data files (*.dat). Replace the files, or recreate your project, and make sure that the "Load Data Directory" contains .DAT files that have the same names as the .PCX files you choose in the "Graphics Directory".


Q: Why do I get the message "Capture Card not detected" when I click on the Capture Enabled box in the Project Control window?

A: Do you have a video capture card? If not, Video Capture Mode can not be Enabled. If you have a capture card, make sure that it is installed correctly using any included installation programs. See Section "2.4 Using Video Capture in NAMeS" starting on page * for more information.


Q: Why is it so hard to transfer projects between computers?

A: The newest version of NAMeS (1.712 and newer) have the ability to instantly load any project that has the .nam project file, .dat data files, and the image files all saved to the same directory. If you take that directory and save it to a CD, you can view the project just by opening the project file from that directory. Project transfer could still be improved, but later versions of NAMeS will (hopefully) be improved greatly in this area. For older versions of NAMeS just try to place all of the files in directories with identical names on both computers. Make sure you remember all of the .PCX, the .DAT, and the .NAM files. For more information, see section "3.1.3 Recovering from Changed Directory Names."


Excel Reports:

Q: Why do I get the following error when I try to print or do a print preview of my reports: "Runtime Error 1004: Unable to set CenterHeader Property of the Page Setup Class."

A. You probably do not have a printer installed on the computer yet. Install a local or network printer and try again.

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