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This is the Official NAMeS™ Homepage of Native American Technologies Company Inc. NAMeS™ stands for Native American Technologies Weld Measuring Software.

NAMeS™ is a unique software system designed to measure weld cross-sections using advanced graphics and our specially developed weld measuring methods. Advantages of the NAMeS™ program include no film costs, reduced time to measure welds, and a specialized quality control system.

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NAMeS™ can quickly and accurately measure weld dimensions such as leg length, throat, penetration depth, porosity, and undercut. NAMeS™ has custom templates for measuring lap welds, fillet welds, flair bevel welds, spot welds, and many more.

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If you are interested in a NAMeS™ demonstration CD, please contact Mr. Steve Madden . If you can not wait for a complete NAMeS™ Information Pack and Demo CD, the NAMeS™ Demo is also on our web site. All the demonstration videos, all of the help files, and the complete demo are available now for download!

Last Updated: 01/31/2002

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