(Native American Technologies Measuring System) is a weld cross-section measurement software system used for measuring a variety of typical weld cross-sections. NAMeS™ software allows quick and accurate measurement of engineering dimensions. This software also gives rapid accurate descriptions of weld dimensions and allows the user to:
  • Quickly characterize weld cross-sections with a completely mouse driven interface.
  • Easily add or remove samples from the list of welds to characterize.
  • Save and load information on characterized welds.
  • Zoom in on key features for more accuracy when measuring.
  • Display chosen weld dimensions while characterizing the weld.
  • Use a video capture board and camera to capture images of specimens directly into NAMeS for characterization.
  • Perform image manipulations such as rotation and mirroring.
  • Quickly alter model options such as line color and point shape to provide maximum contrast with the actual weld image.
  • The new GenDimms™ template can be used to measure almost anything. Simply place the scaling feature on a scale in the picture, and then add lines, wedges and splines to measure lengths, angles, area and perimeters.
  • NAMeS™ can print out simple weld reports showing the weld picture, any comments, and a list of the selected dimensions (out of specification dimensions appear in red).
  • Eliminate film costs by capturing images digitally and storing images on your hard drive or on CD.
  • NAMeS™ runs on Windows 95/98 computers that meet these requirements.

Frame NAMeS™ is a custom program addition that helps organize welds for measuring and reporting. Each "frame" corresponds to a part or assembly to be inspected. Frame NAMeS™ includes the following enhancements:
  • Each weld on the frame can be given a customized part name and description.
  • The following data can be used to identify the "frame": assembly model number, date/time manufactured, date/time inspected, production line, and technician ID. All production reports contain this information.
  • Each frame can be customized with a view of the part from the customer's drawings. This view will show which parts have been measured, and can show the parts general location on the assembly.
  • Set upper and lower specifications for dimensions on each weld.
  • Instant notification of out-of-specification welds. (It is no longer be required to go to Excel™ to determine if a weld is within the programmed specifications.)
  • Production reports and SPC reports are avaliable in an Excel™ spreadsheet.
  • All measured weld dimensions not within the defined spec limits are highlighted in the production report.
  • Comments entered in NAMeS™ transfer to the production report.
  • Frame NAMeS™ includes a database used to store the production information and weld measurement data. This database can be queried and searched for particular production items and reports are generated from the data.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Video For Windows, and Excel are copyrights of Microsoft.

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