Native American Technologies NAMeS™ Pricing

The following prices are effective starting January, 2002:

Item Description Price
NAMeS™ $5995.00
Frame NAMeS™ (Per Frame, based on weld specification and number of welds) $250.00-$650.00
Standard** Frames NAMeS™ (Per Frame) $100.00-$250.00
Installation and Training (8 hours on-site)* $1095.00*
Integral Technologies FlashBus MV Lite Video Capture Card $395.00
Integral Technologies FlashBus MV Pro Video Capture Card (with BNC RGB cables) $895.00
V-Tek Rainbow Desktop Video Magnifier (VRB-1) $4995.00
V-Tek Explorer 2000 High-Resolution Desktop Video Magnifier (XP-1) $6495.00
Color Printed copy of NAMeS Manual (Download Help Files) $125.00
All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Outside the U.S. additional duties, taxes, and custom charges may apply.

* Plus travel time and expenses invoiced at cost.
** "Standard" Frames are currently only available for selected GM and Chrysler specifications. They cannot be mixed with custom Frames. Please contact N.A.Tech to determine if these will work for you.

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