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Native American Technologies Measuring System is a weld cross-section measurement software system used for accurately measuring a variety of typical weld cross-sections. Users simply need to cut and etch their weld cross-sections. The weld cross section is "captured" using a standard PC video input. Then simple mouse point-and-click action is used to grab the flexible green line and outline the weld. The computer does everything else.

Weld measurements such as weld size, depth of penetration, effective throat, and many more are automatically calculated for you. You can then print the results, or save them to a simple HTML document. It is easy and fast. Pop-up windows allow you to view several measurement values that are instantly updated as the green line is moved to outline the weld.

Windows 95/98™ provide complete interchange with other software. NAMeS™ weld pictures can easily be transferred to, for example, reports prepared with Microsoft Word™ .

Eliminate Film Cost because all pictures are stored electronically in the computer. Both the weld cross-section image and the measurements can be printed on ordinary PC computer printers using plain paper, at any time.

Improved accuracy results from precise and repeatable measurements. A zoom window gives excellent green line placement for accurate data.

NAMeS™ can reduce your time to measure welds compared to photographic methods or other computer software.

Frame NAMeS™

Frame NAMeS™ is a custom program addition that helps organize welds for measuring and reporting. Each assembly or frame that the customer typically measures becomes one "frame" in NAMeS™. Each frame is set up to contain each of the welds that are cross-sectioned from the real assembly. Then the NAMeS™ user simply needs to select frame that they have cross-sectioned. They select the weld that they are interested in measuring and Frame NAMeS™ will automatically set up the weld type, weld dimensions and any specification limits. After measuring that weld, they select the next weld they want to measure, and Frame NAMeS™ will automatically configure NAMeS™ for that weld. Once the welds have all been measured, the dimensional information from those welds is exported to a database. If desired, a assembly report can be prepared showing whether each weld on the frame was good or bad. Click here for more information about Frame NAMeS™.

On-Site Training and Installation

Installation and training can take place at your facility. Training consists of eight hours of training, typically for 4-6 technicians. Additional training time and additional training trips can be arranged through Native American Technologies Company.
Typically, samples of all welds types that are going to be measured in NAMeS are prepared. Each of the selected welds should be cross-sectioned, etched and ready for inspection prior to the training period. If you are using FRAMeS™, the inspection of an assembly will be used in the training session. Travel time and expenses are additional and will be invoiced at cost.

Video camera and video capture card

The weld cross-sections are electronically captured and displayed in the NAMeS™ program. NAMeS™ imports video using Microsoft Video For Windows™. Therefore, any computer/camera system must be able to support Video For Windows™(VFW). To find out if your hardware supports VFW, visit this link.
A video microscope equipped with a zoom lens capable of up to 50x magnification is recommended. Composite or s-video output is required. Additionally, a video capture card is required for the computer in order to capture the microscope output. NA Technologies typically supplies a desktop imaging station produced by V-Tec. The pricing provided on this site reflects the V-Tec system; however, additional pricing can be obtained upon request.
Imaging System: V-Tec, Rainbow or Explorer.

Compatible Video Capture cards (not a complete list):

  • Winnow Videum VO
  • Pinnacle Systems miroVIDEO DC30plus/DC30pro
  • Integral Technologies Flashbus MV Lite and FlashBus MV Pro.
  • (Stinger Pro video capture cards are no longer avaliable.)

Windows 95, Windows 98, Video For Windows, and Excel are copyrights of Microsoft.

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