Video Capture Compatability with NAMeS

VIDCAP32 is a microsoft program that demonstrates the basic functionality of Video For Windows (VFW). If this program can display video and run with your video equipment, then NAMeS can probably do video capture with your equipment also. This program functioning does not guarantee NAMeS will work correctly, but if it does not work it shows that NAMeS would probably not work either.

To install:
1. Take the two files VIDCAP32.EXE and VIDCAP.HLP and put them in a directory anywhere on your computer, then run the VIDCAP32 program. :
2. If the program says it can not find a video capture driver or something along those lines, then you do not have a compatable card correctly installed for VFW.
3. If no video signal is being displayed... goto the "Options" Menu and make sure that either "Preview" or "Overlay" are checked. Then under the "Options" menu, try selecting each of "Video Format...", "Video Source...", and "Video Display..." to ensure your capture card is configured correctly. The dialogs that come up with those 3 options are dependent on the video capture hardware you have installed.
4. If you still can get no video signal, ensure you have your camera plugged into an S-Video IN port or Composite IN port, as any video OUT ports will look similar.
5. Once you have video, ensure that you can set the video to 640x480 resolution (This is usually set under the "Options" menu using one of of "Video Format...", "Video Source...", and "Video Display...".)
6. It is recommended that you use a video capture card that can do "Overlay". To turn this on, select "Overlay" from the "Options" menu. This should give you a smoother picture than the "Preview" mode.
7. For NAMeS to work, "Preview" mode MUST work. To enable this, make sure "Preview" is checked under the "Options" menu. I have found video cards that would support overlay but not preview. These cards are NOT usable by NAMeS.

Contact James Day at (303)279-7942 if you have questions.

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